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3rd Grade 30 Week Vocab

Unit C - Earth's Land
Unit D - Weather and Space
Unit E - Investigating Matter and Energy

landformthe natural shape of the Earth's surface
mountaina place on Earth's surface that is much higher than the land around it
valleya low area between higher landforms
canyona valley with steep sides that have been carved by forces of nature
plaina wide, flat area on Earth's surface
plateaua flat area higher than the land around it
weatheringBig rocks are broken into smaller pieces
erosionthe movement ofweathered rock
glaciera huge block of moving ice
earthquakethe shaking of Earth's surface
volcanoan oopening on Earth's surface from which lava flows
flooda large amount of water that covers normally dry land
fresh waterwater that has very little salt in it
groundwaterthe underground supply of water
condensationgas turning into a liquid
evaporationliquid water gains thermal energy and turns into water vapor
precipitationrain, snow, sleet, or hail fall to Earth
water cyclepowered by the Sun-water evaporates into water vapor, rises and condenses into clouds and falls as precipitation
atmosphereair around Earth
oxygena gas that people need to live
weatherwhat is happening in the atmospher at a certain place and time
temperaturethe measure of how hot or cold something is
anenometera weather instrument that measures wind speed
axisimaginary line through Earth
rotationspinning of Earth on its axis
moon phasesthe different shapes we see that is lit by the Sun on the moon
lunar cyclethe pattern of moon phases
lunar eclipsewhen Earth blocks sunlight from reaching the moon
solar eclipsewhen the Moon's shadow falls on Earth
energyability to make something move or change
kinetic energythe energy of motion
potential energythe energy of position
combustionanother word for "burning"
revolutionmovement of Earth around the Sun

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