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Fairbanks, Alaska

This helps to learn facts about the city of Fairbanks.

Who founded the city of Fairbanks and what year?Captian Barnette in 1901
Who found gold in 1902 that was responsible for the gold rush?Felix Pedro
Who was the first mayor?Captian Barnette
How much did the U.S. spend on Alaska and who did they buy it from?They bought it from Russia for $7.2 million
What year was the gold production rate up to $6 million a year?1905
What was the average population from 1906-1909?about 5,000
What was the population in 1908?18,500
What caused this to drop to 1,100 people in 1920?mining was getting harder
What caused mining to not be the major industry?WWII
What are the major industries of Fairbanks?oil, gold, and tourism
How many of the original buildings are still in Fairbanks?five
What tourist attraction is present at all times but is seen much better in night times?the Northern Lights
What are their "mini-olympics" called?the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics
Who was the former mayor?Boucher

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