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Ch6 Urban America/Immigration Unit

American Vision

immigranta person who comes from another country to settle in a new country
Old Immigrationimmigration that occurred between 1840 and 1890 mostly from Northern and Western Europe
New Immigrationimmigration that occurred after 1890, mostly from Southern and Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Japan
push factorsreasons that force people to leave their country
pull factorsreasons that bring or attract people to a new country
nativistnative-born Americans who favored their own interests over those of immigrants
classa social or economic division of society
suburbresidential areas surrounding the cities
tenementan apartment building meeting minimum standards of sanitation and upkeep,
sanitationmeasures to promote cleanliness and prevent disease
settlement houseprivately run neighborhood centers that provided services for the poor
political machinea well-organized political party that controls a city's government
party bosscorrupt/bad government officials who ran political machines
Grangean organization established in 1867 to help farmers in South with political and economic issues
Populist Partya U.S. political party formed to represented farmers and laborers
cooperativeorganized to combine the buying and selling power of a group of farmers
depressiontime of little business activity, high unemployment, falling wages & prices
Jacob Riis, Wrote "How the Other Half Lives"
Jane AddamsCreated the first settlement house to help the poor
PopulistAlso known as the People's Party
melting potwhat many 19th century native-born Americans considered their country
Angel Islandplace immigrants arriving on the West Coast would pass before gaining entrance into the US
Ellis Islandplace through which 19th century easter European immigrants were likely to pass before gaining entry into the US
urbanizationterm that describes the movement of people into big cities
Social Gospel movementearly reform programs lauched in the belief that Christians had a social responisibility to be conscious of and help improve conditions for the poor
Hull HouseFirst settlement house founded by Jane Addams
Political machinescontrolled city; helped immigrants in return for votes
party bosstop of the political machine
briberypaying someone for a favor, usually a political favor
graftany type of unethical or illegal use of political influence for personal gain
unethicalmaybe not illegal, but certainly not morally correct
kickbacktype of illegal payment from political corruption
Boss Tweed, head of "Tammany Hall"
Thomas Nasteditorial cartoonist who helped bring down the Tweed Ring
Pendleton Actauthorized the creation of an independent civil service commision
patronageappointing a friend to a political position
the spoils systemsystem of patronage, giving government jobs to friends and political supporters -- regardless of their qualifications
Sherman Antitrust Actlaw meant to control power of big business; stop trusts
NAACPfounded by W.E.B. DuBois to work for civil rights
prominentimportant, influential
reformerspeople who want to change things
The Jungle, written by Upton Sinclair, it exposed the practices in meat packing plants, so upset TR that he appointed a commission verify its accuracy
verifyfind out the truth of something
Upton Sinclair, muckraking journalist who wrote "The Jungle"
muckrakerterm used to describe a journalist who exposed government abuses and big business corruption to the readers of newspapers and magazines
saloona bar
People who disliked immigrants; wanted to stop further immigrationnativists
New ImmigrantsItalians, Irish, Eastern Europeans
Old ImmigrantsGermans and English
Religious group singled out for discrimination by American Protective AssociationCatholic
American Protective Association vowed tonever hire or vote for a Catholic
Chinese Exclusion ActNo Chinese allowed in for 10 yrs; no citizenship if already here
Gentleman's AgreementJapanese agreed to stop emigrating to US; US stopped segregation
Literacy DebateIdea that immigrants should show ability to read to enter US
Gospel of WealthIdea that the wealthy should help the poor to help themselves
AmericanizationImmigrants should learn English, American values & work habits
IndividualismAnyone could rise up in society wt work; "rags to riches"
Social GospelImprove community conditions through Biblical ideals; churches serve
Social DarwinismSurvial of the fittest, people compete, Laizzes-Faire

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