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Three Religions Test

Your test will cover pages 562 - 566 and 569 - 571, plus a map.

covenantbinding agreement believed made between God and the Hebrew people
Palestinelocated on eastern coast of Mediterranean Sea under Roman rule it was called Palestine
Israellocated on the Mediterranean Sea (known also as Palestine)
David and Solomonkings of Israel
diasporascattering of Jews around the world after the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE
monotheismbelief in one God
Torahholy book of the Jewish faith
Ten CommandmentsGod's laws given to Moses and recorded in the Torah
Sinai Peninsulaland linking Egypt and Arabia where Moses received the Ten Commandments
Rosh HashanahJewish New Year's
Yom KippurJewish Day of Attonment
PurimJewish festival celebrating Esther
HanukkahJewish Festival of Lights that celebrates the dedication of the temple
Gospelsthe books of the New Testament telling the story of Jesus
messiahsavior sent by God, his followers believe that Jesus is the messiah
parableshort story with a simple moral lesson, used by Jesus
Peter and Paulmissionaries who traveled the Roman world spreading the teachings of Jesus
Romecenter of the Roman Catholic church
Constantinoplecenter of the Eastern Orthodox church
Lent40 day preparation for Easter
Adventmonth long preparation for the birth of Jesus
Eastercelebrates the resurrection of Jesus
Gabrielangel that Muslims believe spoke to Muhammad
Koranholy book of Islam
Meccacity in Saudi Arabia that is the most holy for Muslims
KhadijaMuhammad's wife, she encouraged him to proclaim belief in one God
hejirathe migration of Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Medina in 622
hajjpilgrimage to Mecca, the fifth duty of Muslims
Islammajor religion begun in Arabia by the prophet Muhammad, means submission to God's will
Five Pillarsthe duties of a faithful Muslim
Arabiclanguage that unites Muslims, Koran is only sacred when written in Arabic
ka'abasacred shrine in Mecca
mosqueMuslim house of worship
Ramadanmonth of fasting for Muslims
Muhammadprophet and founder of Islam
First Pillarproclaim that there is no god but God and that Muhammad is God's prophet
Second Pillarpray five times a day facing Mecca
Third Pillargive charity to those in need
Fourth Pillarfast during the holy month
Fifth Pillarmake the pilgrimage to Mecca if you can (hajj)

7th Grade Social Studies
Greensboro Day School
Greensboro, NC

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