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Vergil 1.335-352

dignor, -ārī, -ātus sumto consider worthy
gestō (1)to carry with one, carry about; to wear
purpureus, -a, -umpurple, crimson
altēhigh, in a high position
coturnus, -ī (m)(high)boot
intractābilis, -is, -eunmanageable, unconquerable
germānus, -ī (m)brother
ambāgēs, ambāgum (f)roundabout course, twists and turns; enigmas
fastīgium, -ī (n)sharp point, tip; rooftop; high point
dīs, dītiswealthy, rich
intāctus, -a, -umuntouched; undamaged; unharmed, unscathed; virgin
iugō (1)to bind; to join in marriage
caecus, -a, -umblind, blinded; dark, black, gloomy; unseen, hidden
incautus, -a, -umincautious, unwary, unsuspecting
germāna, -ae (f)sister
factum, -ī (n)deed, act, action
vānus, -a, -umempty, insubstantial; illusory, meaningless; useless, (in) vain
amāns, amantis (m/f)sweetheart, lover

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