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Early Explorers

Match famous early explorers with their accomplishments

EricsonThe Viking explorer who named the land he found Vinland.
ColumbusThe explorer who landed in San Salvador but thought he had reached the Indies.
VespucciThe navigator who realized that Columbus had found a New World not Asia.
CabotThe first English explorer to sail to North America. He disappeared on his second journey.
DrakeThe first English explorer to sail around the world. He was also a pirate.
HudsonAn explorer whose men revolted and set him adrift in a small boat.
CortesThe Spanish explorer who conquered the Aztecs in Mexico.
MagellanThe Spanish explorer who sailed around the world.
PizarroThe Spanish explorer who conquered the Incas in Peru.
BalboaThe first European to see the Pacific Ocean from the New World
De SotoThe Spanish explorer who explored the American Southeast. He crossed the Mississippi River.
CoronadoThe Spanish explorer who explored the American Southwest and saw the Grand Canyon
Ponce de LeonThe Spanish explorer who looked for the Fountain of Youth in Florida.
CartierThe French explorer who explored the St. Lawrence River and founded Mont Real.
Marquette and JollietFrench explorers who found out that the Mississippi River flowed south.
ChamplainThe French explorer who founded Quebec and discovered three of the Great Lakes.
La SalleThe French explorer who claimed all of the land drained by the Mississippi River for King Louis of France.

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