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Homeostasis and Transport

Vocabulary for Holt Chapter Six: Passive Transport; Active Transport and related terms

Active Transportmovement of substance across cell membrane with use of energy from ATP
Passive TransportMovement of a substance across a cell membrane by diffusion
Carrier Moleculesa protein that functions in the transport of molecules across a membrane
Concentration Gradientthe difference in concentration of a substance across a space
Contractile vacuoleAn organelle in microorganisms that excretes water
CytolysisBursting of a cell because too much water has diffused into it
Diffusionprocess by which molecules move from an area of greater concentration to an area of lesser concentration
Endocytosisthe process by which a cell surrounds and engulfs large substances
ExocytosisThe process by which wastes are packaged in vessicles and leave the cella cell
EquilibriumA state which exists when the concentration of a substance is the same throughout a state
Facilitated Diffusiona passive form of carrier transport often used in glucose transport across cell membrane
Gated ChannelA protein lined passage making cell membranes permeable to certain large molecules
HomeostasisThe biological balance between a cell or an organism and its environment
HypertonicThe condition where the concentration of solute molecules is higher outside than inside a cell
HypotonicThe condition where the concentration of solute molecules is lower outside than inside a cell
IsotonicThe condition where the concentration of solute molecules is equal on both sides of a cell membrane
OsmosisThe diffusion of water molecules through a selectively permeable membrance
semipermeableA membrane which selectively allows some types of molecules to pass through but not all types
PhagocytosisType of endocytosis where cell takes in large particles (cellular eating)
PinocytosisType of endocytosis where cell takes in liquids (cellular drinking)
PlasmolysisThe shrinking or wilting of a cell from low turgor pressure
Turgor PressureThe pressure exerted by water molecules within a cell upon its membrane
Sodium Potassium PumpAn active transport mechanism that moves ions in order to achieve polarization (Na forced in and K forced out)

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