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Greek and Latin Units 1 - 4 Vocabulary Matching Game (36 words)

Play this game to practice matching the appropriate definitions to the vocabulary words that will be included in the Greek and Latin Units 1 - 4 Test.

antibiotica medicine that fights living bacteria
aristocracyrule of the highest social class
astrophobiafear of stars
autocrat"ruler of oneself"
autonomousrelating to self-rule
benefitsomething that enhances well-being
chronologya study of time sequence
cosmopoliteworld citizen
cryptologystudy of secret messages
demographythe science of recording people
geocentricEarth as the center of the universe
Heliopoliscity of worship for sun god
herbicidea substance used to kill plants (weeds)
hydrophobiafear of water
hyperthermiaabove-normal body temperature
hypothermiabelow-normal body temperature
megalopolisgreatest concentration of citizens
microphonesmall sound
misanthropea person who hates mankind
misnomera wrong name
monarchchief ruler
monogamousbased on one marriage at a time
patheticmarked by suffering
pedala foot-operated lever
philosopherlover of wisdom
photophobiafear of light
polygraph"many records"
pseudopodfalse foot
psychogenichaving its origin (birth) in mind
pyrefire used to cremate corpses
sophisticatedwise in the ways of the world
synonymwords that mean the same thing
telegramwritten communication that is sent
telescopean instrument to see far away
thermometerinstrument that measures heat

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