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Chapter 6 Vocabulary

Colonya settlement of people linked to the parent country
Plantationlarge argriculural estate
King Alfonsopredicted Africa to be ruined by slavery
Triangular Tradeconnection between Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas
MercantilismSet of principles that dominated economic thought in the 1600s
Balance of Tradedifference in value between what a nation imports and exports
Middle Passagetrade route from Africa to the Americas where many slaves died
Javaslang term for coffee
Treaty of Tordesillasa line of demarcation created to separate land between Portugal and Spain
Motives for ExplorationGod, Glory, and Gold
ConquistadorSpanish Explorer of the Americas
Muslimsfirst group to start the institution of slavery in modern times
Malay Peninsulathriving port for the spice trade
John Cabotexplored the New England coastline to create the 13 colonies
Ferdinand Magellanfirst to sail around the world
Francisco Pizzarotook control of the Incan Empire and took land for Spain
Amerigo Vespuccitook credit for discovering America
Christopher Columbuswas looking for the east indies and found the new world
Francois Dominique Toussaintlead the only sucessful slave revolt to create Haiti
IboAfrican group who produced more slaves than any other group
Bantu Tribetribe in Africa who originated the institution of slavery

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