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Epithelial Tissues

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Epithelial tissue coversthe body and many of its parts
Protect against infection byguarding against cuts, scratches
Stratified squamous epitheliumhas many layers of closely packed cells
Simple squamous epithelium isa single layer of thin,irregularly shaped cells
Simple squamous epitheliumlines the alveoli
Because it is thin,simple squamous absorbs materials easily
Oxygen easily passes throughsimple squamous cells in air sacs
Simple columnar epithelial cells arehigher than they are wide
Goblet cells are found insimple columnar epithelium
Mucus is secreted bygoblet cells
The inner linings of the stomach and intestines are composedof simple columnar epithelium
Columnar epithelial cells specializein absorption.
The trachea is lined withpseudostratified epithelium
Pseudostratified epithelium looks like itis two cell layers thick but it isn't
The skin surface is composedof stratified squamous epithelium
Stratified transitional epitheliumis composed of many layers
Body areas subject to stress havestratified transitional epithelium
Glandular epithelial cells arespecialized for secreting substances
In the urinary bladder is foundstratified transitional epithelium
Glandular epithelium is found inthe thyroid gland

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