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Cell Organelles

Students can test their knowledge of the functions of various cell organelles in a eukaryotic cell.

nucleusthe control centre of the cell
nucleolussmall circular structure(s) within the nucleus; may be involved in protein synthesis
chromosomesgenetic material found in the nucleus
mitochondriawhere energy in the form of ATP is produced
ribosomeswhere proteins are made
endoplasmic reticulumtransport system in the cell
golgi apparatuspackages up protein
lysosomespecial type of vacuole that breaks down large molecules and cell parts
chloroplastwhere photosynthesis occurs
cell membranesemi-permeable; it controls what moves in and out of the cell
cell wallprotects and supports plant cells
eukaryotecell that has a membrane-bound nucleus
prokaryotea cell with no nuclear membrane and few (if any) membrane bound organelles
vacuolestores wastes, water, food

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