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Vergil 1.371-401

suspīrō (1)to sigh, speak with a sigh
pergō, pergere, perrēxī, perrēctūrusto make one’s way, move on, proceed
vacō (1)to be empty; there is time/opportunity (to)
annālis, annālis (m)book of annals; annals, records, history
vesper, -perī (m)evening
fors, fortis (f)chance, luck; destiny; chance happening, accident
appellō, appellere, appulī, appulsusto drive (something) to, bring to
dēnī, -ae, -aten each; a group of ten; ten
convellō, convellere, convulsī, convulsusto tug at, pull violently; to pull up, tear up; to undermine, tear down; to shake, batter
supersum, superesse, superfuīto be above; to survive, remain
egeō, egēre, eguīto need, want; to be needy, indigent
peragrō (1)to travel over, wander throughout
pellō, pellere, pepulī, pulsusto beat against, push; to drive away; to dispel
queror, querī, questus sumto complain (of), protest
interfor, -ārī, -ātus sumto speak while another was speaking, interrupt, interpose
quisquis, quidquidwhoever, whatever
vītālis, -is, -eof/pertaining to life, necessary to life
carpō, carpere, carpsī, carptusto pluck, gather, harvest; to seize; to eat away, erode, consume; to draw breath
perferō, perferre, petulī, perlatūsto carry to (a place), carry (oneself) to; go to (a place); to tolerate, endure
redux, reducisbringing/leading back (home); returning, restored
augurium, -ī (n)(the art of) augury; omen, portent, sign
aspiciō, aspicere, aspexī, aspectusto look at, observe, behold
sēnī, -ae, -asix each; a group of six; six
laetor, -ārī, -ātus sumto rejoice, be glad, be delighted
cycnus, -ī (m)swan
aetherius, -a, -umopen expanse, tract; region; net, trap
āles, ālitis (m/f)large bird, fowl, bird of prey
turbō (1)to agitate, stir up, disturb; to harass, attack; to confuse, alarm
ōrdō, ōrdinis (m)row, line, order, rank
dēspectō (1)to look down at, survey
coetus, -ūs (m)meeting, encounter; group, band, circle
cantus, -ūs (m)singing, song, music (of instruments), blast (of a horn)
pūbēs, pūbis (f)adult population, company, band; youth, young men
dērigō, dērigere, dērēxīm dērēctusto direct, aim, guide, steer
gressus, -ūs (m)step, walk, course

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