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Poetry 6

Poetry literary terms

lyric poema poem that does not tell a story but aims only at expressing a speaker's emotions or thoughts
ballada type of narrative poem that usually deals with tragic or exciting events; some are songs
sonneta type of lyric poem with 14 lines; it has a set meter and rhyme
haikua short lyric poem with 17 syllables; this comes from Japan and often uses images from nature
stanzaa group of lines in a poem that form a single unit; like a poetic paragraph
coupleta pair (2) of rhyming lines
refraina repeating word, phrase, line, or sentence structure
dialecta way of speaking that is characteristic of a particular region
tonethe attitude the writer has towards the audience or the topic (serious, humorous, etc.)
connotationThe underlying meaning or feel to a word.
punA play on the multiple meanings of a word or on two words that sound the same but have different meanings
ironya contrast or difference between what we expect to happen and what really happens
allusionA reference to a statement, person, place, or event that is known from literature or culture.
themea main idea or underlying truth in a story
symbolsomething that stands for something else
symboldove = peace is an example of which literary term?
allusionIf Mr. Smith really loves his wife, he may call her "my Penelope." What term does this represent?
ironyWhen a funeral director delivers a baby, this is an example of which term?
punWhat has four wheels and FLIES? (garbage truck) This is an example of which term?
connotationslender has a more positive feeling than skinny. What term does this represent?
dialectIn the south, we say "y'all." What is the literary term for this expression?

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