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Learn About Native Americans

AdobeAdobe is a kind of natural clay that is sticky when wet but dries hard.
AncestorsAncestors are those people that lived long before.
BreechclothPiece of fabric or animal skin tied at the front at the waist, then between the legs to the back.
CeremoniesA group of acts performed according to certain rules.
ChickeeA southeastern home built on stilts above ground to keep it dry.
ClanA group of relatives who share the same ancestor.
CradleboardBoard that Native American women carried on their babies while they worked.
CropsPlants that people plant and grow.
CultureA group's way of life that includes language, clothing, food and religion.
CustomsThe way a group of people do things.
Dugout CanoeBoat made out of a hallowed out log.
DungDung is the waste from an animal.
ExpeditionA trip made for a certain reason.
FarmersPeople who plant crops like corn and beans.
HoganSix sided Navajo home made of logs covered with packed dirt.
LoinclothTwo pieces of cloth or animal skin, front and back tied at the waist.
LonghouseA woodland home made of bent poles covered with bark.
MoccasinsShoes made from animal skin, or woven plant fiber.
NomadicNomadic describes a group of people that move often to find food.
PemmicanA food made from dried buffalo meat, grease, and berries.
Plank HouseHouse made from cedar boards in the Northwest region.
PotlatchA celebration feast held by people of the Northwest.
PuebloA group of southwestern buildings made of adobe bricks.
SilversmithPerson who makes jewelry from silver.
StarvingDying from lack of food.
SwampAn area of wet, soggy land that is sometimes covered in water.
Teepee or TipiA plains home made of poles covered with animal hides.
TotemAn animal or object that is a symbol for a family in the Northwest. Several may be carved on poles.
TraditionsHolding down beliefs and customs from older people.
TreatiesAgreements between two goups of people.
TribeA group of people living together under a leader.
WampumSmall beads made of shells woven into belts and bracelets and used as a kind of money for trade.
Wickiup or WigwamHome made of a frame of branches covered with grass, brush, or animal skins.

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