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Social 7 - Chapter 2 - New France vocabulary - (copy)

These terms are needed to understand what kind of societies French colonists made.

ImperialismCountries extend their control over other nations, often creating empires.
MonopolyThe king could grant this to a specific group of merchants and eliminate competition.
CompetitionRival colonies try to get more control and resources.
ColonyA territory of land controlled by another country.
AcadiansThe first French colonists in the Bay of Fundy - poor farmers from France.
Coureur de BoisFirst French adventurers to leave New France.
ExplorersJaques Cartier was one of these, sent by the Kingdom of France.
The Royal TakeoverKing Louis XIV takes control of the colony of New France from the merchants.
JesuitsMissionaries of the Roman Catholic faith.
Seigneurial SystemThe social structure in New France where the king gives strips of land to the nobles.
HabitantsWorked for the seigneurs by renting strips of land and setting up farms.

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