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Pharm Process, Principles & Life Span Considerations

Lesson 4 - Chapters 1-3

drugchemical that alters functioning of living organisms
pharmacologystudy of drugs & their actions on living organisms
addictionphysical or psychological dependence on a drug
pharmacokineticsstudy of how drugs are absorbed, distributed, metabolized and excreted in the body
incompatabilitychemical interaction between two drugs which inhibits drug effectiveness or leads to toxicity
unbound drugportion of drug not attached to a protein, the active drug
intramuscular routeroute dependant upon muscle mass, blood flow & activity
receptorsite where a drug acts
desired actionthe expected response from a drug
agonistdrug which interacts with a receptor and stimulates a response
side effecta predictable reaction to a drug though not the desired action
oral routeroute dependent upon salivary flow, gastric acidity & peristaltic rate
teratogena drug that induces birth defects
topical routeroute dependent upon dermal thickness & blood perfusion
toleranceneed for increasingly higher doses to achieve a response
cumulative effectthe buildup of a drug in the system prolonging or intensifying the desired effect
antagonistdrug that binds to a receptor and inhibits the activity of another drug
bioavailabilitymeasure of the extent of a drug absorption
biotransformationmetabolization or the breakdown of a drug to an excretable form
chemical namedescribes the chemical component of a drug
drug interactionalteration in the pharmacologic activity of a given drug caused by the presence of one or more additional drugs
duration of actionthe length of time the drug elicits a therapeutic response
first pass effectinitial metabolism of a drug before the drug reaches the circulation
generic namename recognized internationally
trade nameregistered trademark name given by manufacturer
half lifetime required for half of the drug to be eliminated from the body
onset of actiontime required for a drug tp elicit a therapeutic response
peak effecttime required for a drug to reach its maximum effect
pharmacokineticsthe study of the influence of the body on the drug
therapeutic drug monitoringprocess of measuring peak and trough levels to ensure a drugs effectiveness
therapeutic indexratio between toxic and therapeutic levels of a drug
toxicdrug becomes a poison to the body
liverprimary site for drug metabolization
kidneysprimary route for drug excretion
absorptionprocess that drug passes from administration site to body fluids
distributionhow drug moves through the body
excretiondrug elimination from the body
steady stateamount of drug entering body = amount of drug exiting body
affinityan attraction for
agebiggest influencing factor on drug action

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