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World Geography Chapter 3

Athenscapital of Greece
Lisboncapital of Portugal
Madridcapital of Spain
Romecapital of Italy
Venicecity of canals
Apenninesmountain range that runs down the length of the Italian Peninsula like a spine
Batican Cityworlds's smallest independent state
Strait of Gibraltarnarrow strait separates the Iberian Peninsula from North Africa
SpainThe nation that the marriage of Isabella of Castille and Ferdinand of Aragon united
Roman Catholicismdominant religion of Spain and Italy
Amsterdamcapital of the Netherlands
Berlincapital of Germany
Berncapital of Switzerland
Brusselscapital of Belgium
Viennacapital of Austria
Secrecy laws of Switzerlandmade it a popular center for international banking
Austriaproduces large amounts of crystal glassware
Haqmburg Germanymajor center of trade since the Middle Ages
Netherlandspeople here have reclaimed land from the sea to enlarge their borders
Liechtensteinsmall country that depends upon Switzerland for diplomatic representatives
Mt. Elbrushighest peak in Europe
isthmusnarrow strip of land that connects two landmasses
Berlinbuilt a wall in Germany to keep people from escaping to freedom
polderland that has been taken from the sea by using dams, dikes, and windmills to drain the water
Moscowcapital of Russia
Fertile Crescentarea known as the "Cradle of Civilization"
Baghdadcapital of Iraq
Tokyolargest city in the world
Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuaniacalled the Baltic States
Austria, France and Switzerlandcountries where Alps extend
globemost accurate display of the earth's features, showing correct shapes, sizes, and location
Arabian Peninsulaworld's largest Peninsula
Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijanwere once under the control of the Soviest Union, but now independent republics today
Denmarkoccupies the Jutland Peninsula
San Marinoworld's oldest republic
cartographera person skilled in displaying geographic information on maps and globes
Irelandknown as the Emerald Isle
caste systemwhat the Indian society is bases on which is a strict division of social classes
Europecontinent considered the birthplace of Western civilization
England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales4 major political divisions of the United Kingdom
English Channelbody of water that separates Great Britain from continental Europe
Indonesiacountry that is spread over the thousands of islands in the Malay Archipelago
oilmain product exported from the Arabian Peninsula
Jerusalemcity that both Muslims and Jews claim as a holy city
Tibetplateau is known as the "roof of the world"

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