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Math- Chapter 5 test

a set of ordered pairsrelation
the first coordinate in the ordered pairdomain
the set of second coordinatesrange
a relation that assigns exactly one value in the range to each value in the domainfunction
if any vertical line passes through more than one point of the graph, the relation is not a funcionvertical line test
an equation that describes a functionfunction rule
when you use f(x) to indicate the outputsfunction notation
independent variablethe inputs (x)
dependent variablethe outputs (y)
direct variationy=kx
constant of variationk
directions: find the domain and range in the following set of datalist the numbers in order
directions: determine whether each relation is a functionuse a mapping diagram and see if any number repeats itself in the set of coordinates
Evaluate f(n)=-3n-10 n=6fill in 6 for the n(s) in the equation and get the number
mirror imageidentity
#'s on both sides of the equation not equalno solution
variable on one side/ # on other side is zerosolution
a comparison of two numbers by divisionratio

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