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The Functions of the Cell

Vocabulary Words for PartII page 156

Passive transportmovement of substances into and out of a cell without the use of energy.
Active transportmovement okf substances through an membrane with the use of energy.
ATPAdenosine triphosphate, a coenzyme composed of a base, a sugar, and three phosphate groups that store and control the release of energy within a cell.
Plasma membranea selective permeable, molecular boundary that separates the cytoplasm of a cell from the external environment.
Diffusionpassive transport by which substances move from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration.
Osmosisdiffusion of water through a selective permeable membrane.
Facilitated diffusiontransport of molecules into cells with the aid of "carrier" proteins embedded in the plasma membrane.
Exocytosisa form of active transport by which cells move molecules, particles, or other cells contained in vesicles across the plasma membrane to the cell's environment.
Endocytosisa type of active transport that imports particles or small cells into a cell.
Plasmolysisthe shrinking of a plant cell away from its cell wall when placed ina lower solute concentration than found inside the cell.
Homeostasisthe maintenance of fairly constant internal conditions.
Hypertonic solutiona solution containing a higher solute concentration than a cell.
Hypotonic solutiona solution having a lower solute concentration than a cell.
Isotonic solutiona solution having a concentration equal to that of a cell.


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