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Vergil 1.464-493

inānis, -is, -eempty; unoccupied, idle; meaningless, unimportant; vain, futile
largus, -a, -umgenerous, bountiful; plentiful, copious
ūmectō (1)to make wet, moisten
flūmen, flūminis (n)river, stream
bellō (1)to wage war, fight
iuventūs, iuventūtis (f)(group of) young men, the youth
cristātus, -a, -umcrested, wearing a crested helmet
niveus, -a, -umsnowy, snow-white
tentōrium, -ī (n)tent
vāstō (1)to leave desolate; to devastate, destroy
pābulum, -ī (n)fodder; pasture
gustō (1)to taste; to partake of
īnfēlīx, īnfēlīcisunproductive; inauspicious, disastrous; unfortunate, unlucky
impār, imparisunequal; unevenly matched
congressus, -ūs (m)encounter, meeting; engagement, contest
haeret + ablis caught in
resupīnus, -a, -umlaying face upwards, on one’s back
aequus, -a, -umlevel, flat; fair, just, right; favorable, kind; equal, matched
crīnis, crīnis (m)lock of hair, tress
Īlias, Īliadis (f)Trojan woman
passus, -a, -umextended, spread out, streaming, flowing
peplus, -ī (m)peplus (woman’s robe ritually offered at the Panathenaic festival to Athena)
suppliciterin a suppliant manner
tundō, tundere, tutudī, tūnsusto strike with repeated blows, beat
fixus, -a, -umfirmly established, unwavering, fixed
raptō (1)to carry away forcibly, drag violently (off)
exanimis, -is, -e, or –us, -a, -umlifeless, dead
gemitus, -ūs (m)pained/sorrowful sound, groan, moan
inermis, -is, -e, or –us,-a, -umunarmed, defenseless
permixtus, -a, -umindiscriminately mixed (with); embroiled, engaged (with)
Ēōus , -a, -umof/relating to the dawn; eastern, oriental
aciēs,-ēī (f)sharp edge (of a weapon); line of sight, glance, eye; army, battle, battle-line, ranks
lūnātus, -a, -umcrescent-shaped
pelta, -ae (f)(light) shield
subnectō, subnectere, subnexī, subnexusto bind; to bind up, tie up, fasten
exsertus, -a, -umprotruding, exposed
cingulum, -ī (n)belt, sword-belt
mamma, -ae (f)breast
bellātrīx, bellātrīcis (f)female warrior

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