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Vergil 2.1-25

conticēscō, conticēscere, conticuīto cease to talk, become silent; to be silent about
torus, -ī (m)bed, couch
lāmentābilis, -is, -epitiable, deplorable, lamentable
ēruō, ēruere, ēruī, ērūtusto dig up, uproot; to lay low, destroy
dūrus, -a, -umhard, solid; hardy, strong, enduring; harsh, pitiless
temperō (1)to exercise restraint, to restrain, moderate, temper, control, regulate
ūmidus, -a, -umwet, moist, damp
praecipitō (1)to cause to fall headlong, hurl down; plunge downward
suprēmus, -a, -umhighest; farthest; last, final
intexō, intexere, intexuī, intextusto weave (into); make by weaving
abies, abietis (f)silver fir; fir-wood
vagor, -ārī, -ātus sumto wander, roam; to spread freely/unchecked
dēlēctus, -a, -umchosen for excellence, hand-picked, select
sortior, sortīrī, sortītus sumto draw lots; to choose by lot, select
inclūdō, inclūdere, inclūsī, inclūsusto insert, enclose
caverna, -ae (f)hollow cavity in the earth, cave, cavern; cavernous space
uterus, -ī (m)abdomen, belly; womb
armō (1)to fit with weapons, arm equip
statiō, statiōnis (f)standing place; anchorage
maleunpleasantly; badly, poorly; hardly, not at all
carīna, -ae (f)keel, hull; boat, ship
reor, rērī, ratus sumto believe, think, imagine, suppose
instar (in acc /nom, oft with genitive)the equal, equivalent to

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