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Pre Algebra Tri A vocab 0809

Variablea letter that means different numbers
evaluatethis word means to find the answer
powermultiply the same number many times
base"big" number in a power
integerspositive (+) and negative (-) numbers
exponent"small" number in a power
Solution of an equationThe number that is the answer for the variable
FormulaAn equation with variables to help you solve a problem.
Order of OperationsRules that tell you what to do 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th to solve a math problem "PEMDAS"
Absolute ValueHow far a number is from zero
TermsDifferent parts of expression
Like TermsTerms that are same kind
EquationLetters, numbers WITH = symbol
expressionLetters, numbers and +, -, x, / (no = sign)

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