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Unit Three Vocabulary--Lines, Functions and Systems

Practice with the vocabulary for Unit Three. All the vocabulary is used in this game, so sometimes there will be words that we haven't had in class yet. Try to learn them anyway, since you'll have to be familiar with them for the Unit test.

linear graphAny graph that is a straight line
FunctionThere is only one value of y for each value of x
Control variableThe independent variable, usually x
Dependent variableDepends on control variable, usually y
Growth graphA graph which is increasing throughout
Decay graphA graph which is decreasing throughout
Constant graphA graph which is linear and horizontal
DomainAll the values of the control variable (x)
RangeAll the values of the dependent variable (y)
Nonlinear graphA graph which is not a straight line
SlopeRise/run or The change in y over the change in x
Vertical interceptWhere the line crosses the y-axis
Direct VariationAn equation in the form y = kx
Constant of VariationIn a direct variation, y = kx, k is the constant of variation
Systems of equationsTwo or more equations that have relationships between x and y
Solution of a systemAn ordered pair that makes both equations true.
Consistent systemA system that has one or more solutions
Inconsistent systemA system that has no solutions
MatrixAn arrangement of numbers in rows and columns
Elements of the matrixOne of the numbers of the matrix
Dimensions of a matrixThe number of rows and columns, in that order, of the matrix
The identity matrix1 0 0 1
Inverse matrixtwo matrices whose product is the identity matrix
Slope-intercept formy = mx + b
Point-slope formy = m(x - x ) + y

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