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Perceptual Interpretation Matching

Match the term to the picture or definition that best describes it.

Ames Room
Perceived lightness stays roughly constant as long as the context or surroundings stay the same., Brightness Constancy
The setting or environment in which we interpret sensory stimuli can have impact in how we perceive it., Context-Culture
Müller-Lyer Illusion
Glancing first at one of the two unambiguous versions of the picture is likely to influence your interpretation, Perceptual Set
The interplay between perceived size and distance (a) The monocular cues for distance make the pursuing monster look larger than the pursued. It isn’t., Ponzo Illusion
The “Use it or lose it” phenomenon, Sensory Deprivation
Shape Constancy
We know the smaller person is just further away but still a normal sized person., Size Constancy
The illusion of motion by the rapid projection of slightly changing images, Stroboscopic Motion
The words themselves have a strong influence over your ability to say the color., Stroop Effect
The illusion of motion when fixed lights are turned on and off in a sequencePhi Phenomenon
The plane is stationary, the background is what is moving making it appear that the plane is flying.Induced Motion

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