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Mgmt Chapter 17

Moore's law accounts fro the rapid increase in power and reduction in both size and price of computer equipment over the past 35 years.True
In today's hypercompetitve business environment, capital (i.e., money) is still more important than information for businsess success.False
Raw data contaim useful information that communicate a clear and readily understandable messge to the person for which the data were gathered.False
Information has strategic importance for organizations because it can be used to obtain first-mover advantage and to sustain a competitive advantage once it has been created.True
According to the resource-based view of information technology, sustainable competitve advantage occurs when information technology adds value, is different across firms, and is difficult to create or acquire.True
Acquisition cost is the cost of turning raw data into usable information.False
Information retrieval is a quick and easy process.False
Bar codes and document scanners are common methods of electonically capturing data.True
Ther term "data mining" refers to the process of discovering unknown patterns and relationships in large amounts of data.True
Unsupervised data mining is unethical.False
Data mining typically splits a data set in half, finds patterns in one half, and then tests the validity of those patterns by trying to find them again in the second half of the data set.True
A data warehouse stores raw data that have been collected from a variety of sosurces for later use.False
Protecting information is the process of ensusring that data are reliably and consistently retrievable in a unsable format for authorized users, but no one else.True
Data mining often reveals data clusters where three or more database elements occur together.True
Data encryption transforms data into complex, scrambled digital codes that can only be unencrypted by authorized users who process uniquw decryption keys.True
Firewalls can only protect personal computers and network servers connected to the corporate network.True
Three kinds of information technology are used by executives, managers, and workers inside the company to access and share information. They are executive information systems, intranets and portals.True
Electonic data interchange (EDI), extranents, and the Internet have proven to provide such a competitive advantage that managers are scsrambling to find ways to use them in their own companies.True
It is important understand that DSS programs should not replace managerial decision making.True
Most expert systems work by using a collection of " ifthen" rules to sort through information and recommend a course of action.True
The term _______ refers to facts and figures depicted in a manner that is not usable.raw data
The first company to use new information technology to substantially lower costs or differtiate products or services often gains:first-mover advantage
Why is information strategically important for organizations?Information can be used to obtain first mover advantage
In 1921, realtor Billy Ingram closed his company and opened White Castle restaurants to sell hamburgers. In 1921, hamburgers were thought to be made from rotten beef and not fit human consumption. Ingram ground fresh beef in front of suctomers to prove it was safe and was the first to successfully sell hamburgers to the middle class. Today ingram is credited as the founder of the fast-food industry. Understanding that Midwesterners wanted clean, convenient food when they were away from home was the information Ingram used to:create a first-mover advantage
Which of the following is one of the critical issues companies need to address in order to sustain a competitive advantage through information technology?Is the firm's use of information technology difficult for another comapny to create or buy?
The key to sustaining competitive advantage is:using information technology to continuously improve and support the core functions of a business
A compnay that wants to create a first-mover advantage needs to know that such a strategy can result in:significant expense
Accodring to the resource-based view of information technology, sustainable competitve advantage:is accurately described by all of these
Which of the following is NOT a source of significant costs associated with useful information?mobilization
To be ________, information must be available when needed to define a problem or begin to identify possible solutions.timely
______ costs are the costs of turning a raw data into usable information.Processing
On the television show Threshold, there are people who monitor all of the police report from all over the United States looking for patterns within the data that may indicate alien activity. The _____ costs of gathering this data are high because of the large nuber of people required to obtain this data.acquisition
______ costs are the costs of transmitting information from one place to another.Communication
Which of the following statement about the characteristics and costs of useful information is true?For information to be useful, it has to be accurate, of sufficient quantity, pertinent, and available when you need it.
The two basic methods of capturing information are:manual and electonic
The manual capture of information is:all of these
A large methropolitan hospital that wished to keep track of wheelchairs, gurneys, and other expensive equipment that regularly disappeared from inventory because some hurried employee put it in a closet or elsewhere for safekeeping could use ____ to locate and recover missing frequency identification (RFID) tags
Because they are inexpensive and easy to use, ________, which convert pritned text and pictures into digital images, have become an increasingly popular method for electronically capturing data.electonic scanners
Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags:are accurately described by none of these
The two types of data mining are:supervised and unsupervised
On the television show Threshold, there are people who monitor all of the police reports from all over the United States looking for patterns within the data that may indicate alien activity. These computer people are engaged in:data mining
Experts say magazines are uniquely positioned to take advantage of e-commerce because most already posses the type of data required to create an effective online campaign. Subscriber's demographics and psychographics--where readers live, their housing situation, how they like to shop, etc.---are indicating which individuals will respond to Internet offers. By using their databases, magazine publishers can discover _______ patterns.affinity
By examining checkout data, supermartkets have learned that people who are buying beer typically also buy a bag of salty snacks. As a result of this _________, supermarkets often place displays of beer near the chips and pretzel mining
By examining checkout data, supermartkets have learned that people who are buying beer often also buy a bag of salty snacks. The use of data mining led to the discovery of a(n) ________ pattern.affinity
Data mining is the:peocess of discovering unknown patterns and relationships in large amounts of data
Unsupervised data mining can be used to recognize ______ patterns.affinity, sequence, and predictive
Which of the following statements about data mining is true?Data mining typically uses data from a data warehouse
data clusters:occur when three or more database elements occur together in a significant way
To properly secure data and date networkd, a manager should use all of the following EXCEPT:roadblocks
Which of the following is NOT an example of a security problem that may threaten data and data networks?mob flashing
Two critical steps are required to make sure that data can be accessed by authorized users and no one else. They are:authentication and authorization
If you've watched such shows are Alias on television, you have seen super spies use their fingerpeint to gain access to critical information. You have seen:biometrics used for authentication
Although firewalss can protect personal computers and network service connected to the corporate network, people away from their offices who interact with their company networks via the Internet face a safety risk.virtual private networks
According to the "Doing the Right Thing" box, which of the following statements will help you maintain a strong password system?Change your password every six weeks
The goal of an executive information system (EIS) is to:provide accurate, complete, relevant, and timely information to managers
The establishment of _______ is an information security procedure that encrypts Internet data at both ends of the transmission process.virtual private networks
Public key encryption can be used to:protect files sent over the Internet
_______ are a hybrid of executive information systems and intranets.Corporate portals
Snyder's of Hanover is the world's second biggest pretzel maker. It developed a(n) ________ to allow its more than 50 departments heads and executive managers to use a Web browser to view sales results and distribution plans with a single click. It will also help executives size up cost-cutting opportunities on demand instead of waiting until the end of the quarter or year before ramping up production of a popular pretzel brand or paring distribution routes where necessary.corporate portal
Which of the following statements can be used to help explain the growing popularity of intranets?All of these statements can be used to help explian the growing popularity of intranets
The best-selling executive information systems can be used to:do all of these
________ use standardized protocols to describe data from one company in such a way that those data can automatically be read, understood, and processed by different computer systems in another company.Web services
Independent owners of Ace Hardwae Stores can access data on new products, store layouts, pricing strategies and customer promotions by using a(n) _________ to gain Web-based access to a portion of the Ace Hardware Corporate network.extranet
A(n) __________ allows companies to exchange information and conduct transactions by purposely providing outsiders with direct, Web browser-based access to authorized parts of a company's intranet.extranet
Companies that use electronic data interchange, extranets, and the Internet to gain a competitive advantage have experienced:decreased costs
Just a teaspoon too much or too little of a single ingredient can turn a great cake into a mediocre cake. The ability to know just how much too add, how long to stir, and how the cake should smell when it is cooked is a skill that a long-time baker would have. Through the use of ______, others can capture this specialized systems

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