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Introduction to Computers I

Basic overview of computer concepts.

BBSA computer and at least one phone line that allows users to chat with the computer operator
CD-ROMDisks used to store large amounts of prerecorded information
CRTCathode Ray Tube
EmailAllows users to send and receive messages from other computers
KB1000 Bytes
Input devicesKeyboard, mouse, light pen, scanner
LANLocal Area Network
ModemConverts digital signal to analog signals.
NetworkA collection of computers and other equipment using communication channels to share resources.
Output devicesPrinter, monitor, projection device
SectorA pie-shaped section of a disk.
BPIThe number of magnetic spots that can be recorded on a floppy disk in a 1" circumference of the innermost track of a floppy disk.
ComputerAn electronic device that inputs, processes, and outputs data.
Floppy DiskTypically a 3.5" portable storage device.
IconA picture of a file or program.
Insertion PointA straight line on the screen that indicates where you will start typing.
LCDA flat panel used by portable computers.
MouseA pointing device used to input data.
NumLockAccesses your numeric keypad

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