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State of the Northeast

Vocabulary words Chapter 4

mountain rangea group of many mountains
glacierhuge moving sheets of ice
harbora place along a coast line where ships can dock safely
axisimaginary line that runs through the center of the earth from north pole to south pole
rotationThe turning of the Earth on its axis from west to east.
revolutionThe circling of the Earth around the sun
broadleaftrees that have wide flat leaves
needleleafA type of tree with long thin needle-like leaves
Appalachian Trailworld's longest hiking path
Appalachian MountainsWhite Mountains, Catskill, and Allegheny
agriculturethe business of growing crops and raising animals for food
baypart of an ocean, sea, or lake that cuts deeply into the land
seaa body of water smaller than an ocean, surrounded by land
oceanhuge body of water

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