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King Arthur Quiz Bowl

Select either flashcards, matching or concentration to practice questions and answers regarding "Arthur Becomes King," "The Tale of Lancelot," and "The Tale of Sir Gareth."

______ le Fay, Arthur's evil sisterMorgan
20th century author of The Once and Future KingT.H. White
Why does Sir Tarquine kill so many knights?Revenge against Lancelot
Arthur's nephew, wants to overthrow.his kingdomMordred
Arthur's foster brother, lacks chivalrySir Kay
Arthur's wifeGuinivere
Arthur's nicknameWart
magician who lives backwardsMerlyn
Arthur's swordExcalibur
The spirit that drives one to kill just for the fun of itFox hunting spirit
What changes occur when Arthur touches the sword?Hears music, sees more clearly
Something in a story that did not exist at that timeanachronism
"Arthur Becomes King" themeMight is not always right
In "ABK" and "Gareth," Arthur's foil?Sir Kay
Puts a spell on LancelotMorgan le Fey
Lancelot's relationship to Ector de Mary'sThey are brothers
How does Lancelot escape from Morgan's castle?King Bagdemagus' daughter releases him
What does Lancelot beat to get Sir Tarquine out of his castle?a caldron
What is hanging from the tree outside Tarquine's castle?shields of captured knights
What day is it at the begining of the story "Sir Gareth?"Pentecost
What are the knights waiting for at the beginning of "Sir Gareth?"something strange to happen
Who is the epitome of chivalry?Lancelot
Who is Beaumains?Sir Gareth
Who wrote Le Morte d'Arthur?Sir Thomas Malory
What is the cup called that was used at the Last SupperThe Holy Grail
Why does Arthur in "ABK" pull the sword from the stone?Sir Kay forgot his sword and needs one.
Who gives Arthur advice before he draws the sword from the stone?Hundreds of old animal friends
What does Sir Kay tell Ector about the sword?A lie, that he pulled the sword out
What is the tone of "ABK?"Humorous
What must Lancelot agree to in order to be released from Morgan's castle by the young girl?to help her father in a jousting tournament
Whose idea was it to nickname Beaumains and have him work in the kitchen?Sir Kay
What does Lady Lynett have against Beaumains?Class/ he is a kitchen boy, not a knight
What does Lady Lyoness instruct her brother to do?Kidnap Gareth's dwarf
What is the theme of "Sir Gareth?"One should be judged by deeds rather than appearance or class


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