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Quiz #9: Ch. 11 Imperialism in Africa and India

ImperialismA policy in which a strong nation seeks to dominate other countries.
Social DarwinismThe application of Darwin’s ideas about evolution and “survival of the fittest” to justify imperialism.
Berlin ConferenceA meeting of European nations that determined rules for European colonization of Africa.
Boer WarA conflict between the Afrikaners (Boers) and British over South Africa.
ColonyA country or region governed internally by a foreign power or country.
Sphere of InfluenceAn area in which an outside power claims investment or trading privileges.
PaternalismA policy of governing the people in a fatherly way by providing for their needs, but not caring for their rights.
AssimilationA belief that over time, colonies would adopt the culture of the mother country.
Suez CanalA waterway carved into the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt to make travel quicker.
Sepoy MutinyAn uprising of Indian soldiers against the British imperial involvement in India.

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