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First Year Latin - Chapter 18 Vocabulary

ce’ler, ce’leris, ce’lereSwift
Ā’cer, ā’cris, ā’creSharp, fierce
Au’dāx, audā’cisBold, daring
Bre’vis, bre’veShor
Britan’nus, a, umBritish
Fa’cilis, fa’cileEasy
For’tis, for’teBrave
Gal’lus, a, umGallic
Gra’vis, gra’veHeavy, severe
Om’nis, om’neAll, every
Po’tēns, poten’tisPowerful
Si’milis, si’mileLike, similar
Trōiā’nus, a, umTrojan
PerPrefix used with an adjective to mean very
InPrefix used with an adjective to mean not
ia, tiaSuffix added to end of adjective to create abstract noun (-ness, -ship)

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