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Acts 3,4,and 5

repealto recall from exile
unassailableunable to be denied or attacked
prostratelying face down especially in humility
legacyanything inherited through a will
mantlea sleeveleass cloak or cape
coverta covered place hidden secrect
salutationan expressin or gesture of greeting
chastieto punish condermn
legiona major division of an army
chideto scold mildly
parleya discussion or conference
disconsolatehopelessly unhappy
conceiveto think of or develop as an idea
tarryto linger
attainto arrive at ; reach
appeaseto soothe, satisfy
carrionrotten or decaying
discourseto carry on a conversation about something
renta hole or opening made by ripping or tearing
bayto force into being cornered so that escape is impossible
tenorgeneral drift or meaning
proscriptionin ancient Rome the publication of the name of someone condemmed to death
apparitiona ghost a sudden appearance of an unusual sight or form
engenderto produce
garlanda wreath of flowers
ritea ceremony for a special occasion especially a relious ceremony

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