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Food Science Chapter 9 Matching

asepticgerm-free environment
vinegaracid product used in canning
botulisma form of deadly food poisoning
canninga severe heat treatment method
clostridiumbacterial type that is the most resistant in canned foods
conductiontransfer of heat from one particle to another by contact
convectiontransfer of heat from one particle to another by movement
D valuethe thermal death curve, it represents time in minutes
heatthe transfer of energy from one part of a substance to another
heatinga food prep method that kills some microorganisms and destroys most enzymes
hydrostatica retort method where cans flow continuously
logarithmicexpression of numbers using exponents
pasteurizationa low-energy thermal method
proteinsprotects bacterial spores in ice cream
radiationtransfer of energy by electromagnetic waves
retortcontainer in which a product is heated
sterilizationcomplete destruction of microorganisms
sugarproduct that protects bacterial spores in canned fruits
temperatureone of the factors necessary for thermal death
blanchingmild heat treatment

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