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Social Studies 8- Chapter 21

* Angel IslandSan Fransisco Bay receiving station for immigrants
Pogromorganized attacks on Jewish villages
* Ellis IslandNew York harbor recieving station for immigrants
Assimilationprocess of becoming part of another culture; learn English, learn new customs, etc.
Natavismwanted to limit immigration and preserve the country for native born
Push Factorconditions that drive people from their homes (countries)
Pull Factorconditions that attract immigrants to a new area (country)
Steerageairless room below deck were immigrants were forced to stay on their way to the US
Chinese Exclusion ActCongress's response to anti-Chinese feelings; stated no Chinese laborer could come to the US or come back after they left the country
Urbinizationmovement of a population from farms to cities
* Tenementswhere the poor lived in the center of the city; no windows, heat or indoor plumbing; many diseases
Building Codeslaws that set standards for how structures should be built; fire escapes, decent plumbing, etc.
* Settlement Housea community center that offers services to the poor; Jane Addams set up one in Chicago
Salvation Armyspreaded Christian teachings along with giving food and shelter to the poor
Skyscraperstall buildings that were made because of the lack of space in downtown areas
Yellow Journalismnewspaper stories dealing with scandel, crime and gossip
Vaudevillea variety show that included comedians, song-and-dance, and acrobats
Public Schoolseducation was improving due to more schools and the addition of high schools in cities and towns
Horatio Algerpopular writer who wrote stories about poor boys becoming rich due to hard work and honesty
Realistwanted to show life how it really was, even when it was harsh
* 1880s- 1900s most Immigrants Came FromSouthern and Eastern Europe
* Baseballmost popular sport during the beginning of the 20th Century
* Mark Twainhumorist who wrote Huckleberry Finn

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