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Chapter 9 The human population

replacement levelaverage number of children each parent must have in order to oreplace themselves in the population
industrial and scientificrevolutions that brought about changes that caused exponential growth of the world human population
arable landa shortage of this can decrease the food supply available to a growing population
demographystudy of human population patterns
population pyramidhelps demographers predict which age groups will experience the most growth
exponential growthhuman population has grown faster and faster therefore has experienced this
survivorshippercentage of members of a group that are likely to survive at any given age
public advertising, economic incentives and legal punishmentsstrategies that can slow population growth
demographerspeople who study and make predictions about human populations
more food and better hygienefactors that contributed to exponential growth of human population
immigrationthe movement of people into an area
infrastructureroads, bridges, sewers
urbanizationmore people living in cities than rural areas
developed countrieshave higher incomes and more diverse economics

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