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Cooking Terms

Match the food preparation term to it's definition.

BakeCook in oven with dry heat.
BasteSpoon liquid over food to keep it moist.
BlanchPlunge food into boiling water for a brief time to preserve color or remove skin.
BoilHeat liquid until bubbles rise and break at 212 degrees Fahrenheit.
BroilCook directly under or above a red-hot heating unit (also to barbeque)
CaramelizeMelt sugar slowly over low heat until it becomes golden brown.
ChopCut into coarse or fine irregular pieces, using a knife or food processor.
CoatCover food evenly with crumbs or sauce.
CoolAllow hot food to stand at room temperature for a specified amount of time.
CoreRemove the center of a fruit.
CrushPress into very fine particles (crushing clove of garlic), using knife or press.
CubeCut food into squares 1/2 inch or larger, using knife.
Cut upCut into small irregular pieces with kitchen shears or knife.
DashLess than 1/8 teaspoon of an ingredient.
Deep-fryCook in hot that's deep enough to float the food.
DiceCut food into squares smaller than 1/2 inch using knife.
DissolveStir a dry ingredient into a liquid ingredient until the dry ingredient disappears.
DotDrop small pieces of an ingredient randomly over food.
DrainPour off liquid by putting the food into a colander that has been set in the sink.
DrizzlePour topping in thin lines from a spoon or liquid measuring cup in an uneven pattern over food.
DustSprinkle lightly with flour, cornmeal, powdered sugar or cocoa for example.
FlakeBreak lightly into small pieces, using fork, for example, flaking tuna.
FluteSqueeze pastry edge with fingers to make finished decorative edge, such as a pie.
FryCook in hot fat over moderate or high heat.
GlazeBrush, spread or drizzle an ingredient on a hot food to give it a glossy appearance.
GrateRub a hard-textured food against the rough, sharp-edged holes of a grater, reducing them to particles.
GreaseRub the inside surface of a pan with shortening to prevent food from sticking.
PreheatTurning the oven on to the desired temperature ahead of time to allow the oven to heat thoroughly.
JulienneCut into thin, matchlike strips.
KneadTo press and fold dough.
MarinateTo let food stand in a liquid to add flavor or to tenderize.
MinceCut food into very small pieces.
PeelCut off outer coating of fruits and vegetables or to strip off covering with fingers.
PoachCook in simmering liquid just below below boiling point.
ReduceBoil liquid uncovered to evaporate liquid and intensify flavor.
RoastCook meat uncovered in oven without using liquid.
ScaldHeat liquid to just until tiny bubbles form at edge.
ScoreCut surface of food about 1/4 inch deep using knife.
ShredCut into long, thin pieces using the smooth holes of the grater.
SimmerCook liquid until bubbles rise slowly and break just below the surface.
SliceCut into uniform size pieces.
SoftenLet cold food stand at room temperature until no longer hard.
SteamCook food over boiling water.
StewCook slowly in a small amount of liquid for a long time.
Stir-fryA Chinese method of cooking uniform pieces in a small amount of hot oil over high heat, stirring constantly.
TearBreak into pieces, using fingers.
TossTumble ingredients lightly with a lifting motion.

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