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Poetry Terms

Balladis a song like poem usually that tells a story often dealing with adventure and romance
Poetryan expression of ideas and feelings in compact imaginative and musical language
Narrative poempoetry that tells a story
Metera poems rhythmical pattern determined by the number and types of stresses or beats in each line
Limericka humorous rhyming
Lyricpoetry that expresses a speaker's personal thoughts and feelings
Lamenta song or poem expressing grief
Free Versepoems not written in a regular rhythmic pattern or meter
Haikua three line poem usually about nature
Epic Poema long narrative poem that tells about the adventures of a hero whose actions helps to decide the fate of a nation or of a group of people
Dramatic poema poem or speech about a dramatic event in which the speaker is involved
Assonanceis the repetition of vowel sounds in a series of words
Consonancethe repetition of a consonant sound within a series of words produce a harmonious effect
Coupleta pair of rhyming lines usually of the same length and meter
Blank Verseunrhymed verse having five iambic feet per line
Quatraina stanza or poem made up of four lines usually with a definite rhythm and rhyme scheme
End rhymerhyming words come at the ends of lines of poetry
Rhymethe repetition of sounds
Paeana song or strong expression of joy and praise
Internal rhymerhyming words anywhere within a line of poetry
Rhyme Schemea regular pattern of rhyming words in a poem
Rhythmthe pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in a line of spoken or written language
Sonneta fourteen line lyric poem focusing on a single theme
Speakethe voice in the poem that speaks to the reader
Stanzaa group of lines in a poem considered as a unit

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