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US History - Jackson,Expansion, & Reform

Missouri Compromisesets 36*30’ line as slave boundary in Louisiana Territory
Mormonsled by Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, went to Utah
“54-40 or Fight!”slogan of settlers on the Oregon Trail wanting more US land
Wilmot Provisosaid any land gained from War w/ Mexico could NOT have slavery
Gadsden Purchasebought to make a railroad connecting Texas to California
Lewis and Clarkexplored the Louisiana Territory for President Jefferson
Henry David ThoreauTranscendentalist who wrote Civil Disobedience
Edgar Allen Poegreat horror writer; writes The Raven and The Tell-Tale Heart
Alex de TocquevilleFrenchman who visits US to study prison reforms
Samuel MorseDevelops the telegraph and a code for communication
Cyrus McCormickinventor of the mechanical reaper
Robert Fultoninventor of the steam engine
William Lloyd Garrisonauthor of The Liberator; free slaves immediately
Frederick Douglasformer slave, author of The North Star, end slavery legallly
interchangeable partsdeveloped by Eli Whitney; makes for easier repair of machines
American Systemincludes internal improvements, protective tariffs, 2nd Bank of US
McCulloch v. MarylandBank of the US is legal, national supremacy, implied powers
corrupt bargainJohn Q.Adams gets help from Henry Clay, Election of 1824
Nullification CrisisS.Carolina threatens to secede if tariff issue isn’t resolved
Monroe Doctrine, 1823warning to Europeans, stay out of western hemisphere
Nat Turner’s Rebellionleads slaves against white masters; 60 whites killed
Dorothea Dixworks in prison reform; starts 1st mental institutions
Seneca Falls Convention, 1848women’s rights & women’s suffrage, Elizabeth Cady Stanton Lucretia Mott
Utopian Communities“ideal” living away from the rest of the world (ex.- New Harmony)
2nd Great Awakeningreligious movement promoting equality; impacts youth, abolition
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgoended Mexican Am. War, gave US Mexican Cession
James Fenimore Coopercreated the 1st American hero, novelist, Last of the Mohicans
John C. Calhounwrote South Carolina Protest and Exposition, father of states rights
Horace Mannfather of education, Massachusetts
Worcester v. GeorgiaCherokee keep land, Jackson ignores it, Trail of Tears

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