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Legislative Branch Vocabulary - Goal 2

Apportionmentis a dividing of representatives from the House of Reps to each state according to its population
Speaker of the Housethe leader of the House of Representatives & comes from the majority party
President Pro Temporestands in for the Vice-Pres to lead the Senate when the VP is away on business
Majority LeaderThe leader of the party that holds a majority of seats in either house of Congress
Minority LeaderThe leader of the political party that holds a minority of seats in either house of Congress
Party Whipassistants to the party leaders in Congress & they do the legwork of the party
Billa prosposed law
Lawa rule passed by a government
VetoPresident can turn down a bill sent to him by Congress – part of checks & balances
Committee Systemhow Congress gets its work done & allows Congressmen to concentrate on certain issues instead of trying to know everything but putting them on committees
Seniority Systemthe longer you have been in Congress the better committee jobs you get
Filibustera lengthy speech to delay the passage of a bill or to get its sponsor to withdraw it
Cloturelimits the amount of debate on an issue in the Senate
Impeachmentthe act of formally charging an official with a crime
Censurea public reprimand of a Congressmen from the rest of Congress for a wrongdoing
Expulsionthe kicking out of a public official
Writ of Habeas Corpusa court order that requires police to bring a prisoner to court to explain why they are holding that person
Bill of Attainderlaws that punish a person without a trial
Ex Post Factolaws that make an act a crime after the act has been committed
Enumerated Powersthe listed powers of Congress in the Constitution
Reserved Powerspowers not given to the national gov’t and are given to the state gov’ts
Elastic Clausesays that Congress has the authority to do whatever is necessary and proper to carry out its job
Implied Powersany powers that Congress has due to the elastic clause
Expressed Powersthe listed powers of Congress in the Constitution
Supremacy Clausestates the Constitution is the supreme law of the land and no law can be passed that goes against it
CaseworkSocial work devoted to the needs of individual clients or cases
Franking Privilegefree postage of materials for a Congressmen to his constituents, while in office
Special Interest Groupgroups of people who share a point of view about an issue & unite to promote it
Lobbyistpeople hired by a special interest group to sway Congressmen or officials to vote the way the group wants
Pork Barrel Projectthe appropriation of government spending for projects that are intended primarily to benefit particular constituents

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