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Comp 7.05 (Eggs, Legumes, Poultry) Vocabulary

Air cellpocket of air between membranes of egg at wide, round end.
Trussingto close cavity and bind legs and wings of bird before roasting
Beadingbrown droplets on surface of meringue.
Chalazaetwo thick, twisted strands of albumen that anchor egg yolk in egg’s center.
Coagulatefor an egg, to become firm, changing from liquid to semisolid of solid state when heated.
Emulsifiersubstances such as egg yolks that hold together two liquids that normally won’t stay mixed, such as water and oil.
Meringuesoft of hard foam made from beaten egg whites and sugar; used for baked desserts.
Weepwhen liquid accumulates between meringue and pie filling because meringue was spread on cool filling.
Yolkround, yellow portion of egg; encased in think membrane and floats with albumen.
Dry legumesseeds of mature plants left in field to dry; includes dry beans, peas, and lentils.
Fresh legumeslegumes from young plants, including green beans and green peas; picked ripe and sold as vegetables.
Hilumplace where bean was attached to stem in pod; appears as scar on bean
Legumesplants with seed pods that split along both sides when ripe.
Nutsedible kernels surrounded by a hard shell
Seedsedible, dried kernels of certain plants, such as the sunflower
Tofucustard-like product made from soybeans
Gibletsedible internal organs of poultry
Myoglobinreddish protein pigment where oxygen is stored in meat
Poultryany bird raised for food
Albumenthick fluid commonly know as egg white.

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