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Apologia -- Exploring Creation With Physical Science - Module 5: The Hydrosphere

Vocabulary from Module 5 of Apologia Educational Ministries' Exploring Creation with Physical Science (2nd Edition) by Dr. Jay Wile

HydrosphereThe sum of all water on a planet
Hydrologic cycleThe process by which water is continuously exchanged between earth's various water sources
TranspirationEvaporation of water from plants
CondensationThe process by which a gas turns into a liquid
PrecipitationWater falling from the atmosphere as rain, snow, sleet, or hail
DistillationEvaporation and condensation of a mixture to separate out the mixture's individual components
Residence timeThe average time a given particle will stay in a given system
SalinityA measure of the mass of dissolved salt in a given mass of water
FirnA dense, icy pack of old snow
Water tableThe line between the water-saturated soil and the soil that is not saturated with water
PercolationThe process by which water moves downward in the soil, toward the water table
Adiabatic coolingThe cooling of a gas that happens when the gas expands with no way of getting more energy
Cloud condensation nucleiSmall airborne particles upon which water vapor condenses to form clouds

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