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Vergil 4.1-30

vēna, -ae (f)blood-vessel, vein; vein, streak
recursō (1)to come racing back, return again and again; to keep recurring
lampas, lampadis (f)torch; lamp, light; sunlight, day
ūmeō, ūmēreto be moist/wet
dīmoveō, dīmovēre, dīmōvī, dīmōtusto move apart, scatter, disperse; to move away, remove
ūnanimus, -a , -umsharing an attitude/purpose, like-minded, of one heart, loving
īnsomnium, -ī (n)sleeplessness; vision, dream
arguō, arguere, arguī, argūtusto show, reveal, prove
exhauriō, exhaurīre, exhausī, exhaustusto drink up, use up; to see through to the end, complete, undergo, experience
sociō (1)to join, unite, ally (to)
iugālis, -is, -eof marriage, matrimonial
dēcipiō, dēcipere, dēcēpī, dēceptusto deceive; to disappoint
succumbō, succumbere, succubuī, succubitusto sink to the ground; to submit, give in, yield (to)
īnflectō, īnflectere, īnflexī, īnflexusto bend; to alter, change
sēnsus, -ūs (m)sense, feeling
adigō, adigere,ēgī, adāctusto drive something/someone to a place
palleō, pallēreto be pale/bloodless; to have a pale color
pudor, pudoris (m)(sense of) shame; conscience
oborior, oborīrī, orbortus sumto spring/rise up, arise
iāmdūdumsome time ago; for a long time
pertaedeō, pertaedēre, pertaesus (often impers. + gen. for the obj. of the emotion)to weary/disgust/sicken (someone, acc) over (something, gen)
taeda, -aebridal torch
thalamus, -īwedding chamber
tellūs, tellūris (f)earth, land, ground
īmus, -a, -umlowest, bottommost; deepest, innermost
dehīscō, dehīscereto split open, gape
resolvō, resolvere, resoluī, resolūtusto loosen, undo, unravel; break, violate
iamdūdumsome time ago, for a long time
vēstīgium, -ītrack, footprint, trace

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