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Song of War p. 430 Column 1 Vocabulary

Flashcards, matching, and concentration games based on column 1 of page 430 of LaFleur's "Song of War"

ā, (ab) (+ abl.)from, by
ac (atque)and
ad (+ acc.)to, toward, at, near
Aenēās, Aenēae m.Aeneas, (Trojan prince, son of Venus and Ancises, and legendary ancestor of the Romans)
aequor, aequoris n.expanse, sea
alius, alia, aliudanother, other
altus, alta, altumtall, high; deep
amor, amōris
animus, animī m.mind; (pl.) courage, pride
ante (+ acc.) (adv.)before, in front of (adv.= in front; previously, before
āra, ārae f.altar
arma, armōrum n.weapons, arms
arx, arcis, fortress
at (ast)but, nevertheless (but if; and if)
aura, aurae f.air; breeze, wind; atmosphere; breath; (pl.) the heavens
bellum, bellī n.war
caelum, caelī, heaven
circum (+ acc.) (adv.)around
coniūnx, coniugis m./f.husband, wife, spouse
corpus, corporis n.body
cum (conj.)when, since, whenever, although
cum (+ abl.)with
cūra, cūrae, anxiety
Danaī, Danaum or Danaōrum m.Danaans (descendants of Danaus), Greeks (in Trojan War)
dē (+ abl.)down from, from, concerning, about
deus, deī m.god
dīcō, dīcere, dīxī, dctus, -a, -umto say, to tell
dictum, dictī n.utterance, word, speech
Dīdō, Dīdōnis f.Dido (queen of Carthage)
dīvus, divī m.god
dō, dare, dedī, datus, -a, -umto give
domus, domūs or domī

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