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Vergil 4.31-53

nōscō, nōscere, nōvī, nōtusto (get to) know, recognize
īnsuperābilis, -is, -eunconquerable, invincible
īnfrēnus, -a, -umwithout reins, unbridled; unrestrained, wild
inhospitus, -a, -umunfriendly, hostile
sitis, sitis (f)thirst; arid climate, drought
mina, -ae (f)threat, menace
auspex, auspicis (m)augur, diviner; patron, supporter
innectō, innectere, innexuī, innexusto fasten/tie on; to weave together; to weave, plots
dēsaeviō, dēsaevīre, dēsaeviī, dēsaevitūrusto work off one’s rage; to rage
aquōsus, -a, -umabounding in water; rainy
quassō (1)to shake repeatedly/violently; to batter, damage
tractābilis, -is, -eeasy to handle/deal with, manageable; amenable, tractable

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