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Vergil 4.67-89

medulla, -ae (f)marrow; depths of the mind, heart
cerva, -ae (f)hind, doe
Crēsius, -a, -umof the island Crete, Cretan
volātilis, -is, -eflying, swift
saltus, -ūs (m)woodland, grove, glade
Dictaeus, -a, -umDictaean, of Mt. Dicte
lētālis, -is, -edeadly, lethal
harundō, harundinis (f)reed; shaft, arrow
ostentō (1)to point out, show
exposcō, exposcere, espoposcīto ask for, demand, beg
vicissimin turn
absēns, absentisnot present, absent, although absent
gremium, -ī (n)lap, bosom
prōpugnāculum, -ī (n)bulwark, rampart, defense
ēdō, esse, ēdī, ēsusto eat (*it will look like est!)
coniciō conicere, coiēcī, coniectusto throw, throw together
incautus, -a, -umunwary, unsuspecting
peragrō (1)to travel over, wander throughout
convīvium, -īfeast, banquet
ops, opis (f)resources, wealth; riches
dīgredior, dīgredī, dīgressus sumto go away/from, come/depart from, leave
maereō, maerēreto be sad, mourn, grieve
strātum, -ībed, couch
fallō, fallere, fefellī. falsusto deceive, trick, elude
infandus, -a, -umunspeakable
adsurgō, adsurgere, adsurrēxī, adsurrēctusadsurgō, adsurgere, adsurrēxī, adsurrēctus
interrumpō, interrumpere, interrūpī, interruptusto break up, interrupt, cut short
proculin the distance, far off
mina, -aethreat, menace

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