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Wordly Wise #5

anticA playful or funny act.
attireClothes, especially fine & expensive clothes.
captivateTo please greatly; to win over by a special charm.
deftQuick and sure; skillful at handling.
diligentWorking with care and effort.
eclipseThe total or partial hiding of one heavenly body over another.
evolveTo develop & change gradually over time.
innateHaving from birth; occurring naturally rather than being learned.
inscribeTo write, print, or etch into as a permanent record.
postureThe way one holds one's body; a pose or position.
shroudSomething that covers or hides from view.
stifleTo cut off the air from; to smother.
tentativeNot fully worked out or final.
tranquilCalm; peaceful.
versatileAble to do many different things or to be used in many different way.
tranquilityThe state of being tranquil
versatilityThe state or condition of being versatile.
evolutionThe changes that take place as something evolves.
inscriptionThe act of inscribing or what is inscribed.

ms. platt

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