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Waves and Tides word search

Here I have ten words having to do with tides and waves. Try to find all the words in the word search. Good luck and have fun! I also suggest looking at the list of words because it gives their defenitions.

Wavea rythmic movement that carries energy matter or space
Wave Heightthe vertical measure of a wave
Wave Lengththe horizontal measure of a wave
Troughthe lowest point on a wave
Crestthe highest point on a wave
Breakerwhen a wave crest falls and water tumbles over on itself
Tidethe rise and fall in sea level
Tidal Rangethe difference between the level of the ocean at high tide and low tide
Spring Tideswhen the moon, earth, and sun all line up together and high tides are higher and low tides are lower then normal
Neap Tideswhen the sun, earth, and moon form a right angle and the low tides are higher and the high tides are lower than normal

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