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Vergil 4.90-114

persentiō, persentīre, persēnsī, persēnsusto perceive, realize; to feel deeply
pestis, pestis (f)destruction, death; sickness, disease
obstō, obstāre, obstitī, obstātusto stand in the way of, obstruct, prevent
pactus, -a, -umagreed upon, pledged
hymenaeus, -ī (m)marriage, wedding
auspicium, -ī (n)augury, omen; leadership, authority, auspices; fortune, luck
dōtālis, -is, -eas (part of) a dowry
nūmen, nūminis (n)divine power, divine will
modus, -īend, limit
quīnwhy not?
dolus, -ītrick
abnuō, abnuere, abnuīto say no, reject, refuse
sī modoif only
probō (1)to approve (of), commend; to assent to, sanction
precor, -ārīm ātus sumto pray (for), entreat
malō, malle, maluīto prefer

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