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Vergil 4.173-197

vēlōx, vēlōcisswift, fast
mōbilitās, mōbilitātis (f)movement, (act of) moving
adquīrō, adquīrere, adquīsīvī, adquīsītusto obtain, acquire, gather
nūbilum, -ī (n)cloud
inrītō (1)to move to anger, provoke
perhibeō (2)to present, give; to say, suppose
prōgignō, prōgignere, prōgenuī, prōgenitusto produce as an offspring, give birth to, bear
pernīx, pernīcisswift, agile
plūma, -ae (f)feather
vigil, vigiliswakeful, watchful, vigilant
subterbeneath, below, underneath
totidemthe same number (of), (just) as many
subrigō, subrigere, subrēxī, subrēctusto raise/lift up, erect
dēclīnō (1)to bend down, lower
territō (1)to frighten repeatedly, scare
fictus, -a, -umuntrue, made up
prāvus, -a, -umcrooked, twisted, distorted; corrupt, perverse
tenāx, tenācisclinging, gripping; persistant, tenacious
multiplex, multiplicishaving many twists and turns; manifold, multiple; shifting, changeable
īnfectus, -a, -umnot done/performed
lūxus, -ūs (m)soft-living, indulgence, extravagance
dētorqueō, dētorquēre, dētorsī, dētortusto turn (away), bend
aggerō, aggerere, aggessī, aggestusto bring (to); to heap up; to add fuel to, feed, intensify
vigeō, vigēre, viguīto be strong; to flourish
crēscō, crēscere, crēvī, crētus (+abl-from/of)to be born
passimwidely scattered, here and there, in every direction

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