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Vergil 4.115-139

cōnfiō, cōnfierīto be done/accomplished, come about, happen
vēnor, vēnārī, vēnātus sumto go hunting, hunt
crāstinus, -a, -umof tomorrow, tomorrow’s
ortus, -ūs (m)rising (of a heavenly body), sunrise
radius, -ī (m)ray (of light); pointed rod
nigrō (1)to be black
commisceō, commiscēre, commiscuī, commixtusto mix together
grandō, grandinis (f)hail
indāgō, indāginis (f)net
īnfudō, īnfundere, īnfūdī, īnfūsusto pour in/on/over; to pour down on
tonitrus, -ūs (m)thunder
voluntās, voluntātis (f)will; good will, willingness, pleasure
adversor, adversārī, adversātus sumto act contrary to, oppose, resist
reperiō, reperīre, repperī, repertusto find (out), discover
iubar, iubaris (n)first light of the day, daylight
rēte, rētis (n)net
vēnābulum, -ī (n)hunting spear
eques, equitis (m)horseman, calvaryman, rider
odōrus, -a, -umhaving a smell scented; of (the faculty of) smelling
cūnctor, -ārī, -ātus sumto hestitate (over/about), delay; to tarry, linger
prīmīthe noblest, the princes
ostrum, -ī (n)purple dye, purple (color)
sonipēs, sonipedismaking a noise with its feet; horse
frēnum, -ī (n)bridle, harness
mandō, mandere, mandī, mānsusto chew, bite; to champ
pictus, -a, -umpainted; embroidered (in color)
chlamys, chlamydis (f)cloak, cape
nōdō (1)to tie (in knots)
fībula, -ae (f)pin, clasp, brooch

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