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Vergil 4.140-159

hībernus, -a, -umof/belonging to/in winter
fluentum, -īriver, stream
māternus, -a, -umof/relating to a mother, maternal
invīsō, invīsere, invīsī, invīsusto go to see, visit
Crēs, Crētis (m)Cretan, inhabitant of Crete
sēgnis, -is, -esluggish, slow-moving
ēniteō, ēnitēreto shine forth, radiate
invius, -a, -umpathless, trackless, that cannot be traveled, untraveled
lustrum, -ī (n)lair, rough/ wooded country, wilds
tantumjust so much
capra, -ae (f)she-goat
trānsmittō, trānsmittere, trānsmīsī, trānsmissusto send over, pass over; to go across, crossover
pulverulentus, -a, -umdust-covered, dusty

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